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Welcome to Moonlight Crystals! My name is Carolina, born and raised in Colombia, currently living in sunny Miami along with my husband and kids. Moonlight Crystals was created out of love of Natural Stones and the positive impact they have on everything around them. There’s a Crystal for pretty much any circumstance life has to offer and their energy combined with our inner power can help us accomplish everything we set our intentions to. In my store you will find great quality handcrafted crystal jewelry to help you keep the good energies with you every day, everywhere you go. Remember to always wear your Crystals, we all need an energy attire!!

Must Haves Raw Crystal Cluster Set

Manufacturer Moonlight Crystals

Set of 5 Raw Crystals Clusters
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Beautiful set of 5 must haves raw Crystals: Clear Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Pyrite and Black Tourmaline.
Crystals are healing stones that work in powerful, yet subtle ways to attract a desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. They are tools for self-healing that can help improve your health and wellbeing.   
Clear Quartz: Clarity of Mind
Citrine: Succes
Amethyst: Stress Reliever
Pyrite: Prosperity
Black Tourmaline: Protection

Average size of stones: 2.5"